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How to stop Breitling watch

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        What about the theft of baoqili watch? Please ask Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center to answer, baoqili watch stealthily stops, as the name implies, it is to secretly stop the operation while the wearer does not pay attention to, this situation is easy to make the wearer not notice the time error of the watch, thus delay the matter, which makes it 10 points difficult. Let Beijing baoqili after-sales maintenance center to tell you what to do with the stolen stop of baoqili watch!

       1. Common reasons for the theft of quartz watch:

       Poor contact: the circuit board of quartz watch has poor contact, and the watch is easy to steal and stop.

       Core failure: if there are some wheel train faults in the core, the watch will be stopped stealthily, or the watch will appear coaxial phenomenon after the bearing is damaged, which will lead to the theft stop.

       Insufficient power: the situation of stealing and stopping quartz meter is mainly due to the lack of battery power, unstable voltage, and failure to supply power normally, which leads to the theft stop. The battery needs to be replaced.

How to stop Breitling watch

       2. Common reasons for mechanical watch stealing and stopping:

       Due to lack of power: the mechanical watch of automatic chain up is usually used to complete the chain up by the movement of human arm. However, if the watch is parked for a long time or because the number of activities of the person wearing the watch is very small, the watch will be insufficient on the chain and the power is insufficient, thus forming a theft stop. Especially for some tables themselves automatically up the chain design has shortcomings. This problem is more prominent. At this time, we need to carry out manual chain up, ensure to wear more than 8 hours a day and keep the daily exercise, which can avoid stealing and stopping.

       Due to mechanical parts failure: if there is no power problem, it may be that the parts of the table have problems. Some people wear the watch for a long time without oil washing and maintenance, and there are many dust, oil marks and rust in the core, which results in small sundries; when exercising, it is better to take off the watch to avoid the violent movement, which makes the watch bump, which is not worth losing; sometimes, the gears will be stuck by small debris and will stop. And the chain mechanism works well, such as reverse up and out of the bar; at this time, the watch will be sent to the maintenance center.

       The biggest enemy of watches is the time of rolling. They leave a circle of marks on the watch, which corrodes most of the functions of watches. I hope that we can maintain them reasonably and the problems of stealing and stopping are less and less.

       What about the theft of baoqili watch? Above is the whole content of the stolen stop of baoqili watch. It is suggested that you should hand over some complicated operation to the professional Beijing baoqili after-sales maintenance center to avoid the loss caused by improper operation. If you need any of your baoqili watches, please consult our Beijing baoqili maintenance service center, and there will be professional technicians dedicated to your service.


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