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       How to maintain baoqilai watch fast? We Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center will provide you with the following. Baoqilai watch I believe you all know that baoqilai has its own watchmaking factory. The baoqilai watch made by baoqilai has accurate time, is remembered and loved by people. The parts used by baoqilai are also of first-class quality, and the baoqilai watch used will have watch fast and other time Why is the phenomenon of inaccuracy? Does it need to be repaired? Now let's invite Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center to explain to you.

       Baoqilai watch fast maintenance? The reason for baoqilai watch to go fast may be that the watch is magnetized. The magnetic field is everywhere in our life, and the watch will be magnetized when it is in the magnetic field for a long time. The magnetized watch will have the reaction of going fast. It must be sent to the regular Beijing baoqilai after-sales Maintenance Center for degaussing before the watch can return to normal travel time.


       Baoqilai watch in daily use must avoid contact with magnetic field, away from objects with or will produce magnetic field, such as our home TV, induction cooker, computer and other household appliances, which we will contact every day, and we must keep our love watch away from them, to avoid the watch from magnetization.

       How to know if baoqilai watch is magnetized? In fact, it's very simple. There may be other reasons for the watch's faster travel time, so we can't accurately judge whether it is magnetized. We can use the compass to lay the compass flat on the table, take the watch and shake it back and forth above the compass. We can change the position of the watch. If the pointer of the compass shakes, it means that the watch is magnetized, so we should take action in time It's moving.

       How to repair baoqilai watch fast? If baoqilai watch is magnetized, it should be handled in time. Otherwise, it may cause more serious faults and increase maintenance costs. The degaussing of baoqilai watch should go to the professional and regular Beijing baoqilai after-sales maintenance center to ensure the safety of the watch. If you have any questions about watch repair or maintenance, you can consult Beijing baoqilai After sales service center will have professional personnel to answer for you.

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