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Carl F. Bucherer手表表带怎么清洗

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        How to clean the strap of Carl f. Bucherer's watch? The following is provided by Beijing Carl f. Bucherer's after-sales service center. Now most valuable watches are made of genuine leather. The strap is mainly made of leather strap and metal strap. Some watches can be matched with both. Then, as an important appearance part of a watch, watch strap, how should we use and maintain it correctly? Next, we'll explain it to you from Carl f. Bucherer after sales service center in Beijing.

       As a luxury watch brand, Carl f. Bucherer usually comes with alligator strap. If it's hot and rainy, it's not easy to maintain the leather strap. If possible, it's recommended to replace the metal strap in time. No matter what type of watch strap is used for about one year, it needs to be cleaned in time. Because the strap will be stained with a lot of dust and sweat, a long time regardless of it will lead to a shorter life of the strap.


       Leather strap as a consumable, the general service life is about 2 years. Usually, when using Carl f. Bucherer watch strap, you need to pay attention to avoid exposure to the sun, rain, sea water, sweat, etc. If the dust and sweat stains are not cleaned regularly, it may cause discoloration or peculiar smell of the watch strap. For the cleaning of Carl f. Bucherer watch strap, we can use a soft toothbrush dipped in a small amount of soapy water. After cleaning, we must wipe the strap clean.

       In order to prolong the service life of the leather strap, you can apply some leather oil on it regularly. The price of leather strap needs to be determined according to the thickness, width and type. Generally, the price of calfskin strap is several hundred yuan, and that of crocodile strap is about 2000 yuan. Of course, the price of watch strap is not fixed, the specific price needs to be quoted according to the type of watch and strap.

       How to clean the watch strap of Carl f. Bucherer? The above contents are provided by the technical personnel of Beijing Carl f. Bucherer after-sales service center. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you have any questions about watch repair or maintenance, please feel free to consult us. Beijing Carl f. Bucherer after-sales service center will have professional technical personnel to answer for you. We Beijing Carl F Welcome to Bucherer after sales service center.

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