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How to maintain Jijia Watch

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       How to maintain baoqilai watch handle? Below we Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center to provide you with the following, the watch handle is a common part of the watch, but also easier to water position. The handle of waterproof baoqilai watch is always equipped with waterproof sealing rubber ring. Because the handle is used frequently in daily life, the sealing rubber ring is easy to be aged or worn. Most of the water entry parts of baoqilai watch enter from the position of the handle head. Therefore, the handle head is a wearing part, and it is also the place where the maintenance should be paid most attention to. Next, we Beijing baoqilai maintenance service center will solve the problem for you.

       In our country, the handle is basically one-stop.the logo logo on the handle is most commonly made of stainless steel. Gems or diamonds are usually inlaid on the handle of high-end famous brands like baoqilai. The shape and style of baoqilai handle have become the characteristics and representatives of some watches. Gold Plated watch handles are the weakest and most vulnerable to wear. It's not just caused by winding and needle pulling. Usually, the protruding watch handle will come into contact with the skin of human wrist. Coupled with the corrosion of human sweat, the coating on the surface of baoqilai watch handle will first fall off and become very ugly.

How to maintain Jijia Watch

       Therefore, even if the handle of baoqilai quartz watch is seldom used, the surface of the handle will rust. Daily maintenance of the handle is very important. If the watch is accidentally dropped to the ground, the handle may be crooked, which has an impact on the tightness of the top chord. The second is that the waterproof sealing performance of the handle is damaged, resulting in the watch not waterproof.

       Maintenance of the Bao Lai Lai table does not have what is particularly good. If it is gold-plated, it is suggested that a little transparent nail polish should be applied to the surface, or the watch watch will be worn up to reduce friction and contact between the head and wrist skin. It is also an effective way to ensure the lubrication and waterproof performance that a little silicone oil should be added between the handle head and the handle head tube.

       How to maintain baoqilai watch handle? The above contents are provided by the technical personnel of our Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center. I hope the above contents can be helpful to you. If you have any questions about watch repair or maintenance, you can consult us. Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center will have professional personnel to answer for you. We Beijing baoqilai Service Center welcome your consultation.


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