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如何清理Carl F. Bucherer手表上的锈迹?

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How to clean the rust on Carl f. Bucherer's watch? Now let's talk about Carl F Bucherer maintenance service provides you with the following information. In summer, we are prone to sweat, which is corrosive to our watches. The sweat discharged by the human body contains hydrochloric acid. If the watch is worn on the hand, if it is eroded by sweat for a long time or allowed to accumulate acid, alkali and salt dirt and not be wiped off, rust spots will appear on the watch case, especially on the concave part of the back cover. Now let's talk about how to clean Carl f. Bucherer's watch when it is rusty.

What if Carl f. Bucherer's watch is rusty

1. If the watch is rusty, you can choose some brushes

There are soft brushes and hard brushes. We can buy one for both soft and hard brushes. The hard brush is used to clean watch parts; the soft brush is used to brush off dust and filaments, such as the dial and the inside of the cavity cover, to remove the watch dirt and rust. In the old hard hair dramas, the red powder is called red powder feet. In case of serious oil stain or slight oxidation, use a red powder brush before cleaning to increase the smoothness of the watch and remove the dirt and rust.


2. Watch rust can be removed with acetic acid

If the dial of the watch is rusty, it can be cleaned with acetic acid. Wipe the rust with 10% acetic acid solution, or soak the contaminated part in acetic acid solution, and rinse it with clean water the next day. You can also use 10% lemon solution or 10% oxalic acid solution to wet the rust spot, then soak it in concentrated brine, and wash and rinse it the next day. If you have fresh lemon, you can squeeze out its juice, drop it on the rust stains, rub it, repeat several times, until the rust stains are removed, and then wash it with soapy water.

3. If the rust is less and shallow, then you can apply some toothpaste, and then use a cloth to wipe, you can wipe the trace. If the rusty area is relatively large, then you can drop some vinegar and leave it for an hour before cleaning and erasing. If it is serious, you can also use rust remover. For coated watches, rust is more difficult to deal with, improper treatment will not only make the coating off, exposed after the bottom layer is more likely to be corroded.

If none of the above methods can completely remove the rust on the watch, it is recommended that the watch be sent to the regular car f. Bucherer maintenance center in Beijing for maintenance.

How to clean the rust on Carl f. Bucherer's watch? That's all about how to clean up the rust on Carl f. Bucherer's watch. I hope this article can help watch lovers. If you need any maintenance for your Carl f. Bucherer watch, please feel free to consult us at any time. There will be professional technicians in Beijing Carl f. Bucherer maintenance center to provide you with the best service!


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