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How to renovate baoqilai watch dial

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       As we all know, even our baoqilai will leave traces of time on watches when they are used for a long time. At this time, some watchers will renovate their watches. So, how should we renovate it? Now Beijing baoqilai maintenance center answers for you.

       1. The panel is not only displayed by numbers and scales, but also engraved with manufacturers and trademarks. The panel is the most important link that affects the visual outlook, and also the factor that affects the desire to buy. In particular, the integrity and aesthetics of antique watches and panels have a decisive impact on the value of watches. However, with the passage of time, the watch panel will certainly be affected by various factors and lose its former glory, so redecorating the panel has become a subject that many fans want to further understand.

How to renovate baoqilai watch dial

       2. The material of the panel itself, whether it is silver, K-gold, copper coating or enamel panel, will damage the surface concave and convex due to the age, humidity, long-term sunlight exposure or external force impact, affecting the integrity of the panel, among which wet oxidation is the most common. In this case, it seems inevitable to moderately trim the panel. When the panel is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, you can first entrust a watch shop or an agent shop to deal with it. New watches can be returned to the factory to replace a new panel. The quality is safe and the appearance is new, but the cost is relatively high. You can find the master and factory who can replace the repair through the telephone consultation of baoqilai's after-sales service.

       3. What is the impact of the renovation on the overall value of the watch? This is a puzzle for many people, but the answer varies from person to person. Watches, like antiques, will not damage their value as time goes on. On the contrary, good watches have considerable space for value and added value. Some collectors are very loyal to the original and think that any part of a watch must be kept in its original state, otherwise it will affect its value

       Beijing baoqilai after sales service center maintenance tips: when using baoqilai watch, you must pay attention to the above problems. Because the loss can be avoided. If you have any questions, you can consult Beijing baoqilai Maintenance Center for repair and consultation. Beijing baoqilai maintenance center is always welcome.


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