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       How does baoqilai watch back cover appear scratch to do? Now let's ask Beijing baoqilai maintenance service center to answer for you. Generally, the back cover of watches is mostly made of fine steel, but the back cover of baoqilai watches is mostly made of sapphire, which is not only not afraid of sweat corrosion, but also can see the exquisite movement. But even the sapphire back cover may be scratched. Let's let Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center tell you what to do if there is a scratch on the back cover of baoqilai watch!

       1、 Polishing

       If the scratch on the back cover of the watch is deep, then polishing is a good solution, and the gloss and texture after polishing are also good. If it is self-treatment, then you can buy sandpaper to polish, the finer the particle size of sandpaper, the better the effect of slipping. When grinding, first use coarse sandpaper for grinding, and then gradually transition to fine sandpaper. At the same time, we should also pay attention to avoid the letters and numbers on the back cover of the watch, as well as the decorative patterns. Also try not to grind to the corner, grinding will make the corner passivation, so as to look natural.


       2、 Directly replace the back cover of the meter

       When the scratch on the back cover of a watch is very serious, the back cover can only be replaced. It is difficult to restore the integrity of the back cover by polishing. If the scratches are too deep, the number and letter marks on the back cover of the watch and the decorative patterns will be polished off, which will further affect the appearance of the watch. Therefore, the perfect solution is to replace the back cover.

       3、 Wipe with toothpaste

       It's normal for a watch to have scratches on its back cover after wearing it for a long time. These scratches are generally subtle and easy to handle. Just apply a little toothpaste on the scratch of the back cover, then drop a few drops of water, and wipe it with a cloth. But pay attention to the same direction when wiping, and don't wipe casually, so as to avoid some extra scratches. At the same time, the waterproof performance of the watch should be considered when cleaning. 3M waterproof watch cannot be directly immersed in water.

       How does baoqilai watch back cover appear scratch to do? The above is the whole content of how to deal with scratches on the back cover of baoqilai watch. However, Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center suggests that you should give some complicated operations to professionals to be more assured, so as not to cause losses due to improper operation. If you have any need for your baoqilai watch, you are welcome to consult Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center, there will be professional technicians to serve you wholeheartedly.


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