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Is Carl f. Bucherer's mechanical watch gone?

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        Is Carl f. Bucherer's mechanical watch gone? Now we Beijing Carl f. Bucherer after-sales service center to provide you with the following, Carl f. Bucherer mechanical watch depends on the winding to provide power energy, through the gear rotation to complete the timing. Mechanical watch is divided into automatic mechanical watch and manual mechanical watch. Due to its complex structure and heavy appearance, it is affected by gravity, mechanical friction, temperature change and use environment. So what should we do when the mechanical watch stops? Today, we are going to give you an explanation from Carl f. Bucherer service center in Beijing.

       Automatic mechanical watch will not go, mainly from the wearer's arm activity, the watch's flywheel swing when the wearer's arm activity, so as to string the watch, so when the wearer usually lack of activity or do not wear for a long time, the chord force will be insufficient or empty, resulting in the watch's inaccuracy or stop.


       The mechanical watch of Carl f. Bucherer doesn't go. You should check whether the watch is stationary for a long time. Automatic mechanical watch depends on motion to generate kinetic energy to wind up. If you wear it on your hand for a long time in a static state, the watch can't wind up, it will lose its ability to walk and stop. You need to wind the watch manually, swing the watch dozens of times or wind it up several times, so that you can restore the travel time. To ensure that the automatic mechanical watch on time, should keep enough to wear more than 8 hours a day.

       Mechanical watch is easy to be magnetized because of its structure and material. Magnetization of the watch will also cause the watch not to go. It is inevitable to have some bumps when wearing the watch every day, and it is also easy to have the problem of watch running failure. In fact, there are many cases of Mechanical watch not to go, such as bumps, movement gear dislocation, watch magnetization, long shelf time, grease dry, etc., which will cause C The ARL f. Bucherer mechanical watch doesn't go.

       Is Carl f. Bucherer's mechanical watch gone? In order to ensure the normal operation and accuracy of your watch, we recommend regular maintenance of your watch. Waterproof test and appearance cleaning should be carried out for the watch once a year. The watch with mechanical movement should be maintained once every 3-5 years, which can not only keep the watch in good running condition, but also effectively prolong its service life. If you have any questions about the repair or maintenance of Carl f. Bucherer watch, please feel free to consult us at any time. There will be professional technicians in Beijing Carl f. Bucherer after sales service center to explain to you


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