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       Baoqilai watch broken how to do? The following is provided by Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center. Generally, watches are made of plexiglass, coated glass, artificial crystal, sapphire crystal and other materials. However, precious watches like baoqilai are generally made of sapphire crystal. The hardness of sapphire crystal is second only to diamond. It can also be said that there is nothing to deal with diamonds He scratched, but the harder things are, the more fragile they are. It can be imagined that the sapphire watch cover is very easy to break, so how to replace the sapphire watch cover when it is broken. Let's learn about it with Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center.

       How to replace sapphire watch cover.

       1. We need to prepare the flashlight, cap opener, pin, capping machine and meter extractor. The watch chain can also be removed to facilitate the replacement of the watch cover.

       2. The whole process includes removing the cover, dial and needle, and then take out the watch cover to be replaced from the inside of the watch. Some broken glass is scattered in the dial or other places and cleaned as far as possible to avoid bad influence on the watch


       3. Use the cover opener to open the back cover of the watch. After the cover is opened, remove the fixed frame, press the hole of the handle with a needle, and then the dial can be removed after the handle is taken out. Then, press the damaged cover from the inside out to pop it up, and replace the prepared cover. Select the appropriate gland positioning card, press, to ensure waterproof and airtight.

       4. After pressing, restore the dial and install the strap.

       When our watch is broken, it is necessary to pull out the handle in time, so as not to scratch the dial with glass fragments due to the movement of the pointer. After pulling out the watch handle, the watch should be placed flat, and the watch should not be shaken, so as to avoid further damage to the watch caused by glass fragments and reduce the life of the watch. And it should be sent to the regular Beijing baoqilai after-sales maintenance center for maintenance in time to avoid the increase of maintenance cost.

       Baoqilai watch broken how to do? The above is the whole content of how to deal with the broken baoqilai watch. It is suggested that you should give some complicated operations to the professional of Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center, so as to avoid the loss caused by improper operation. If your baoqilai watch has any need, you can consult our Beijing baoqilai after-sales service center, there will be professional technicians to serve you wholeheartedly.


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